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Vern Streeter Bio

Vern Streeter is the founding pastor of Harvest Church (Billings, Montana), which was planted October 1, 2000. Vern’s outward orientation made Harvest an enjoyable place for those who are skeptical about God, church, and church people … or maybe just a bit bored. His outward- and others-focused mentality also resulted in multiple community events and involvement, a water park, a counseling center, a welcoming and non-judgmental church, and a deep love for Billings and the surrounding communities. These are qualities the church staff strives to embody, even in his absence.


Vern grew up in Billings and after a wild stint at the University of Montana, earned an undergraduate degree in Communication from Biola University, and then a Masters in Bible from Dallas Theological Seminary.


Vern has one wife, two daughters, two sons-in-law, two grandsons, and lots of heads on the wall. For fun Vern likes to hunt, climb, ski, sail, backpack, ride his horse deep into the backcountry, ride both road and mountain bikes, drive fast, and fly his paraglider. Occasionally Vern sits down and watches sports on TV

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