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Central School of Ministry is a graduate-level ministry training ground uniquely created to educate and equip students for successful ministry. 


A dynamic program likened to a trade school for ministry, CSM is for students of all ages and backgrounds committed to growing in knowledge and spiritual maturity while serving in real and relevant ways. 


Over the course of three years, through class time, discussion boards, ministry practicum, and mentorship, students will engage in both learning and application with a cohort of their peers.  CSM offers a tremendous catalyst for healthy growth and preparation for the now and next generation of effective ministry.



Introduction to Practical Ministry

Gain a greater understanding of Christian ministry best practices while examining God’s unique call. Explore key biblical mandates and foundational priorities in scripture for church and community ministry  while looking at practical ministry from the lens of the local church as well as beyond traditional views. Develop and present your own personal philosophy of ministry as a final project.


Old Testament Survey

Explore canonical Old Testament items of a critical nature such as authorship, dating, audience, and purpose. Your primary focus will be on a study of cultural background, history, chronology, and geography, including a brief synopsis of each book and its relationship with the New Testament. In the Hebrew language section, emphasis will be on the basic alphabet and online tools and programs for exhaustive word study.


Spiritual Formation

Examine how the Christian faith is developed in the life of a person intellectually, emotionally, and behaviorally through spiritual disciplines, prayer, and the biblical nature of calling, ministry, and character. The focus will be on discipleship and spiritual formation both personally and within the context of the local church. Discuss the importance of knowing God for spiritual growth and emotional well-being as well as effective ministry to hurting people. Personal assignments will be given for the purpose of integrating the material into one’s life.


Christian Leadership and Ethics

Study the essential characteristics of effective biblical servant leader-teachers and the principles for ethical influence, communication, instruction, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and decision-making. Effective stewardship of kingdom resources, volunteer management, and ministry growth will be discussed along with leadership best practices. Case studies will be considered to aid students in applying leadership and ethics in making decisions.


New Testament Survey

Dive into the content and structure of New Testament books as well as cultural background and Old Testament relationships. Consider authorship, dating, audience, and purpose of specific books. Study selected passages from various literary genres using basic hermeneutical principles. In the Greek language introduction, learn the basics of the alphabet grammar analysis for exegesis.


Ministry Care & Pastoral Counseling

This course examines Biblical and professional practices to care for yourself and others. Stewardship and soul care are keys to healthy ministry for any Christian leader. Students will examine the health of their financial and sabbath practices and discover the importance of prioritizing those areas for successful ministry to others. Students will also discuss the role of wisdom in the Biblical and practical context. Additionally, licensed counselors will provide valuable practical tips for working with others, as well as key concerns that signify a need for professional counseling.

Friends in Staduim


Explore preaching theologically sound sermons using the Bible in culture and context with integrity and authenticity. The basics of sermon preparation, delivery, and evaluation will be explored as you develop and present one complete sermon and learn the tools and systems to develop more.


Doctrine & Theology

This course is a survey of the major doctrines in Christian theology and their relationship to each other. Both historical and contemporary doctrines of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, scripture, salvation, sanctification, and the sacraments will be included. This course will draw from a high view of scripture as the inerrant Word of God and authority for our lives.



In this course, students will learn foundational theological and practical skills to engage with the questions, doubts, and skepticism of unbelievers and believers. Modern-day topics will be included for students to discuss how to best reach today’s culture with the truth of God’s word and answer their difficult questions.



Each course includes a dedicated hermeneutics portion. Year 1 focuses on learning and practicing inductive study methods. In Year 2, students study a different New Testament book each class. Year 3 focuses on systematic theology with a unique, related topic for each course. 

Public Speaker


Following the Hebrew tradition of "students first," each course block has time dedicated to student-led, in-depth conversations on important Biblical topics related to the current course. Additionally, four times each year students gather in an online forum or video call to analyze and reflect on a specific question or topic. 

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Ministry Practicum

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CSM Handbook
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