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Cory Engel is an ordained itinerant elder in the Evangelical Church who holds a Bachelor’s degree from Minot State University. He is the conference superintendent of the Western Conference of Evangelical Churches as well as the planter and lead pastor of Harvest Springs Community Church in Great Falls, Montana. He has served with the National Collegiate Training Program and been a Campus Ministry director. Cory also served as the director of training for Beartooth Mountain Christian Ranch.  


Cory partners with Central School of Ministry because he has dedicated his life to reach, influence, and raise up disciples who will serve the Body of Christ. He believes the future fruitfulness of the Church will be determined by the quality and the character of the next generation of leaders, and CSM will play a huge part in developing and raising up those leaders. 


A former collegiate football and golf athlete, Cory loves all things sports and competition.  He is a huge Broncos and Nuggets fan and regularly gets rebuked by his wife, Tosha, for yelling at the TV during games. Cory is a coffee snob and spent more time than he should pulling shots and evaluating roasts.  He smokes a mean brisket but his 4 kids would rather have his Smashburgers. 

Cory Engel Bio
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